Bohol, Philippines

Bohol is located in Central Visayas and a 2-hour fast craft from our hometown, Cebu. Although we’ve dove Bohol probably more than 50 times, there’s always something great and magical about the dive sites there. I share this blog because I reached a milestone in winning a shot I took in Bohol.

Although Balicasag island, a 45-minute boat ride from Panglao island, is always a favorite for its world-renowned resident school of jackfishes and turtles, we also love to re-explore the house reef in Alona, Panglao. We were so lucky to see multiple breeding clownfishes at different stages. clownfish orange eggs

The eggs would start out purely orange and the eyes are not visible. After a few days, it changes to being silvery and eyes would be clearly visible. This next shot was also my winning shot from Scubaverse.

clownfish eggs

A closer look at the eggs with my macro lens and diopter:


Seeing those breeding clownfish already completed our short visit in Bohol. All the nice critters we saw like this mating nudibranch were just an add-on. All the more we concluded that diving always bring great surprises no matter how much you’ve dove a seemingly ‘regular dive site’ in the past.


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